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differx and differxhost [see here and here] host right now the books 01-50 (from year 2011 to year 2013) of "Six Months Aint No Sentence", texts and works by Jim Leftwich

[+ a file by John M. Bennett, re-working on J.L.'s texts]

 All the pdf files are freely downloadable here.

(CC) Jim Leftwich, 2011-13 

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dead mail bureau outerworld mammal photographs

 9:13 a.m.  The Dead Mail Bureau Exhibit designer takes this photograph when she finds an outerworld mammal under the mystery mail she hung the previous day.

10:32 p.m.   Night security takes this photograph of the outerworld mammal skin shed on the floor. Detectives now believe the mammal arrived as a seed in the wrapping, and that the seed fell to the table and grew overnight.

contemplate peace


...dead mail and outerworld mammal...

...Jeff sent me this huge folded piece in the mail, and now I am working with it finally...  It is very beautiful, very copper, big and smells of spray paint but it is very voodoo. It will be in some new works coming up:  Outerworld Mammal photographs and the film Dead Mail Bureau Office Exhibit of Recovered and Mystery Mail.


Reiner Langer awesome post...

 Thank you Reiner! I just received these in the mail from Reiner Langer, a beautiful package of images and cards.... a really cool full moon gift... some will be used for collaboration!