message4u video...

https://vimeo.com/153544328...is an email collaboration with Jeff Crouch and Halo Svevo who sent me his track. I worked with Christa Hunter near San Francisco.

Message4u roughly follows our 2015 year long conversation about democracy, technology and knowledge, the comparison between oracle and computer-both repositories of knowledge and prediction, salt as price for slaves, slaves as capital and the American cup challenger...among other related things you will find in the video...unfortunately I can't post the video here..so here are stills and go to vimeo...!


3 asemic poems @zoomoozophone review

...this is such a fantastic issue I am listing the artists, 
Cover art by Marco Giovenale and poetry by Alexander Limarev, Amanda Reeves, Ásgrímur Þórhallsson, billy bob beamer, Cecelia Chapman, Cristiano Caggiula, Denis Smith, Dona Mayoora, Edward Kulemin, Ethan T. Parcell, Fabio Lapiana, Federico Federici, Francesco Aprile, Giuseppe Andrea Liberti, Jack Galmitz, Jerry Dreesen, Jim Leftwich, Jim Wittenberg, John M. Bennett, Kerry Mitchell, Lin Tarczynski, Marco Giovenale, Maria West, Mark Young, Mauro Césari, Michael Jacobson, Michel Audouard, Miriam Midley, Mjamj Snjirc, Nathan Stapleton, Nicholas Zhu, Nico Vassilakis, Niranjan Navalgund, Patrick Collier, Ricardo E. Gonsalves, Robert Swereda, Rosaire Appel, Ruth E. Rollason, Shloka Shankar, Stephen Nelson, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito, and Vincent DeVeau!

2 asemic drawings @newpostliterate


asemic fiction drawings, online collaboration 2015 review...

Asemic Fiction

Empty is Within

Two Weeks

All my yesterdays R2morrow

Graceless Shadow



digital drawing collaboration

...this first drawing is from 2015 and the rest of the selection is from the very end of 2014 ...online collaboration with Jeff Crouch.


...Message4u, with Halo Svevo track, a short video on the intersection of democracy, knowledge and technology...