drone drama chapter 6 at unlikelystories this week...

...so you will be able to view our first completed chapter, although we have others finished, we are working out of sequence on this video...Chapter 6. 'If you are not a fish, how can you tell if the fish are happy?' considers the relevance of an ancient dialogue about knowledge to contemporary digital information practice, and addresses the dilemma of knowledge at the precipice of nuclear and environmental disaster, in the age of drones.

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead is an email collaboration with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, the composer, in Berlin, and myself on the US west coast. With the consultation of  internet artist Jeff Crouch. In progress through the year, we have completed three videos and filming three this month.

The 11 chapter, 17 minute video explores the interplay between Marquardt's subtle drone compositions and Chapman's fantastic video interpretation of Marquardt's tracks and titles that address what it is to be human in the age of the drone.

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