3WatchFiends videos @Arteidolia....

3 videos about ethics, surveillance and global warming survival @Arteidolia...Dragonfly Winter, Hey Marty and Renounce the Trolley Problem.

Club Paradise at Interalia Magazine

Club Paradise: don’t be a tourist…vacation culture, capitalism, consciousness 2017-2019 examines vacation culture photographed and filmed on Cape Cod. https://www.interaliamag.org/articles/cecelia-chapman/

Club Paradise is a huge project that took a year emailing everything, video, mail art, polaroid, essay, writing back and forth with Jeff Crouch and which is up at Interalia Magazine now. I included the mail art here but Interalia focussed on the video and photographs.... but it was my biggest mail art project and working with Jeff, Rafael Gonzalez, Blaine Reininger and several performers.