...vacation disasters with Jeff Crouch from Club Paradise polaroids...

Death, drugs, drunkeness, disaster… polaroids reimagine notorious vacations in literature, news and film, photographed on Lake Wequaquet, Cape Cod. Please go to http://ceceliachapman.com/clubparadise for more…


Confidential Agent...new video gif from Rafael Gonzalez...

...putting this into the Watchfiends series https://ceceliachapman.com/watchfiends ...the loss of privacy in communication is one of the current dilemmas we face. But in graffiti and mail art we subvert ways we engage in the world.  


Dragonfly Winter and Hey Marty mail collaborations with Jeff Crouch

...Dragonfly Winter about global warming and Hey Marty concerning surveillance... two new videos at a new page for this series... https://ceceliachapman.com/watchfiends...videos that focus on current human dilemmas... mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch sounds.

...above screengrab from 'Hey Marty. Here, a 'spills' robot at local chain market that relates to decoy images and icons that hide their true identity...a subject that has long interested me. 


Semiotic-Pareidoliapophenia drawings

Semiotic-Pareidoliapophenia 2019. Pareidolia refers to the human tendency to perceive random things occurring in nature as significant, usually some meaning of human origin. Apophenia is the tendency to find relationships between things or events that have no connection to each other. Semiotic-Pareidoliapophenia explores metaphor and magic in abstract-asemic writing. The experience of reading meaningful signs and symbols in rock lines, paint splatters, leaf mold, skid marks, scars, cracks. Finding connection and pattern in random data. Lanaquarelle paper, watercolor 10 x 14 in., 26 x 36 cm. gouache, personal rubber stamps, graphite, ink.


Cabo Peligro video with Rafael Gonzalez

Surrounded by a burning world at war with itself, only vacation sites are conflict free. Here we encounter an on-call AI mixologist crafting custom memory enhancing drinks for vacationing workers. Rafael Gonzalez music and photographs. Destiny Foley. From Club Paradise http://ceceliachapman.com/club-paradise


Magic Alibi @newpostliterate 4drawings

...detail from Magic Alibi, 4drawings https://thenewpostliterate.blogspot.com/2019/06/magic-alibi-by-cecelia-chapman.html