"...last holdout of total private communication..." Renegade Stations...Confidential 0P...

reprint:  the #2second post at MAIL ART DOSSIER in 2013  http://mailartdossier.blogspot.com/2013/06/renegade-stations.html

"...it is the last holdout of total private communication..." Mark Dimondstein, American Postal Workers Union.

In my research I found the US Post Office was the third-largest civilian employer in the then United States. With the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world and a big fuel bill. At this time the US Postal Service released Vision, a plan required by law, which introduced mail tracking called Intelligent Mail Barcode. Meanwhile professionals were openly critical of the Post Stations and felt it was time to change to email. When Post Stations realized email could possibly generate over $250 million per year through email servicing they closed all Post Stations.

Here files are lost. But it appears artists' groups individually bought or took over the Stations when it became apparent there would be no communication without surveillance. Over time the Stations joined into a loose coalition to harass their enemies and continue mail delivery. 

Bin #94044 (archaic post zone code) contains artists' mail art.  We do not comprehend this custom. The credit I am requesting is to research this matter further. It is key to the practice of the times that led to the Renegade Station Wars over communication privacy. 

I'm also reposting the 2017 video Confidential 0P because it...considers the confidentiality of the post and our prospects for a Disney ending in the lost empire's attacks on privacy. With mail artist Rafael Gonzalez, composer Blaine Reininger, uber mechanic Brad Gigliotti, and performer Christa Hunter.
This music by Blaine Reininger of TuxedoMoon is named American Buffalo Theme. Since wild buffalo have disappeared from our continent, It is appropriate music for a video commenting on the last gasp of American privacy.


radius shutdown

Radius Shutdown is a one minute asemic, plague-poem, 
music video mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch music and drawing 2020.


Dear Friend...a mail art performance...

Dear Friend: a mail art performance. Jeff Crouch music, Markus Breuss on horn, Rafael Gonzalez mail art, Cecelia Chapman video 2020. Using mail art and video sent back and forth via post and email between Spain and USA.