Confidential OP 2017...video praise for private post in the internet privacy wars...

We can re-appreciate the confidentiality of the good old post with last week's attack on Rumble. Spurred on by UK's Online Safety Bill, in which tech companies will be rewarded to censor, accusations alone, without due process, will lead to de-platforming and demonetizing. The internet began as a place of great freedom, a place to express freely. And in just a few short years it has become a place where companies and countries can monitor, control and censor.

Confidential Op considers the confidentiality of the post and our prospects for a Disney ending in the lost empire's attacks on privacy. With mail artist Rafael Gonzalez, composer Blaine Reininger, uber mechanic Brad Gigliotti, and performer Christa Hunter.

This video is a post and email collaboration. This track by Blaine Reininger of TuxedoMoon is American Buffalo Theme. Since wild buffalo have disappeared from our continent, It is appropriate music for the last gasp of American privacy.