Crossover at Dotswave TV Episode 1.3

https://vimeo.com/166463396   Crossover is at 00:24:54...actually I'm in all three new Episodes, thrilled...all are email collaborations with artists and sound artists.


Drone Diary

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead is an email collaboration with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, the composer in Berlin and myself on the US west coast, an eleven chapter video. This gif is really studio notes for chapter 10, but I felt it spoke about what it is like to live under drones.

I have a public artist page at Facebook for now, Drone Diary, where you can find production notes and the videos as we finish them. But I will post them here too. We just completed chapter 6 and filming chapter 10 Sunday. Then mid-June we film chapter 1, like that, bit out of sequence due to weather and time constraints. But we'll put it together later....also find more info at my site ceceliachapman.com


Drone Drama...

The first chapter is coming soon...
Drone Drama is an eleven chapter video and you will find links to it here...